A complete list of courses and their availability can be found in the university course catalog. Also check the current BYU Course Schedule for the most up-to-date information. A number of the Scandinavian courses are taught through the BYU Evening School and are also open for enrollment by non-BYU students. Beginning language classes usually begin in the fall with continuation courses offered in the winter. Not all languages have a beginning course offered every year. Returned missionaries and those with equivalent linguistic experience, typically begin at the 321 level. A sample of the regularly scheduled elective classes includes:

Danish/Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish 321: Advanced language courses. These courses are typically where returned missionaries and those with equivalent linguistic experience begin. These classes are advance language classes aimed at improving language proficiency.

Scandinavian 217 “Scandinavian and German Cinema”: If you like watching and talking about movies, this course is for you. Students develop their skills analyzing films as they see some of the greatest films from Germany and Scandinavia.  (Fulfills the GE elective for ARTS and GLOBAL & CULTURAL AWARENESS.)

Scandinavian 332 “Cultural History of the Vikings”: When you think Vikings do you think of horned helmets? Not so fast. Find out what the Vikings were really like through a close look at their mythology, poetry, sagas, and art.

Scandinavian 337 “The Works of Hans Christian Andersen”: In this class about the beloved author Hans Christian Andersen, we read such classics as “The Little Mermaid” and “The Ugly Duckling,” but also discover why his work is not just for kids.

Scandinavian 429 “Old Norse”: Learn the language of the Vikings and the source of Tolkien’s inspiration. Students in this course learn to read the sagas and gain unique access to the medieval world. This course is only taught in the winter semester of odd numbered years.

Scandinavian 490r “Scandinavian Choir”: A one-credit non-audition choir course for anyone who likes to sing and learn about new cultures and music.

And much more…

Classes for the upcoming Winter 2020 semester include:

History 332 “Scandinavian History” — Scandinavian 332 “Cultural History of the Vikings” — Norwegian 340 “Norwegian Literature” — Swedish 340 “Swedish Literature”