Language Cafe

Scandinavian Café, as always, at 11am at the Wilk Terrace. Find your flag and join the conversation!

Questions to get you going: Do you like the outdoors? What activities do you like to do outside? What activity did you last do outdoors/where did you go? Is it important to spend time in nature? Why? How good are you at conserving the environment? Look here for ideas: If you had to choose between an energy efficient but more expensive kitchen gadget, or a cheaper but not ecological version which one would you buy and why? Which do you think is more important: developing the economy or putting more money into protecting the environment? Scandinavians are into environmental protection… why do you think it is such a priority in these Nordic countries? Over 4 million youth around the world (including SLC) were striking last Friday to raise awareness on climate change.. this demonstration has been the brainchild of Greta Thurnberg, a Swedish 16-year old, who started striking on her own over a year ago in Sweden. Watch her latest speech (23rd Sept. 2019) here: Do you agree with her message- that it is of urgent concern to change -why/why not? How far should we be willing to go to protect the environment? 

Vocab to get you started: environment, pollution, to recycle, responsibility, energy, nature, to protect, climate, to conserve, resource, climate change, wild fire, hurricane, inexpensive, expensive, ecological, demonstrate

Announcements: First Scandinavian Film Night of the semester! Come watch Fire on Ice with the Icelanders on Thursday, 26th of September at 7:30 pm at the FLAC (B003 JFSB).