Join the Scandinavian Club for fun cultural activities throughout the semester!

Please check this site’s Calendar, the BYU Scandinavians Facebook group or our Instagram account @byuscandinavians for activities and updates.

The BYU Scandinavian Club is a student club sponsored by the College of Humanities which can be joined through the link in the title above. It supports the teaching of Scandinavian language and culture classes at the university by hosting fun and culturally enriching activities and film nights. The club also keeps students up-to-date about cultural activities in the broader community, where many people have Scandinavian heritage.

Meet our club president, Jason Rodriguez!

Jason grew up in Mission, Texas and served his mission on Iceland from 2015-2017 and in Denmark for part of 2017. He is a linguistics major and his favorite Scandinavian foods are flæskesteg and hangikjöt. Mmm. Jason has been serving as our club president since 2019. He is super friendly so be sure to say hi/hei/hej/hæ to him and his wife, Carol Izelo, at one of our club activities! 

Scandinavian Club president Jason Rodriguez and his wife Carol Izelo.

Karl Johan, Slottet, Oslo, Norway