The Loftur Bjarnason Endowment for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies is a generous endowment made to the university by Loftur Bjarnason, a former professor of literature at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, and visiting professor at BYU.

One of the purposes of the endowment is to provide students financial assistance in the furthering of their academic interest in Scandinavian language and culture. The Bjarnason Scandinavian scholarships are awarded to deserving students in the Scandinavian minor who wish to develop their language skills here at BYU, in the Scandinavian country of their choice, or do a study abroad or internship in Scandinavia. 

There are two Bjarnason scholarships, a Travel Scholarship and a Student of the Year award. 

The Travel Scholarships are for students who have taken a 202 or higher language course and who wish to advance their proficiency in the target language. This scholarship pays for travel to the Nordic country of the student’s choice. Students need to be enrolled in a level-appropriate BYU Scandinavian language course of their choosing at the time of receiving the award.

The scholarship may also be used to cover a portion of the tuition. The amount of each scholarship is between $1500 and $2000 depending on the cost of airfare and the language program tuition. There are approximately 5 of these scholarships available each year.

To apply for this scholarship, click on the button below and follow the instructions. Applications must be submitted by April 1 for Spring/Summer 2022.

The second scholarship is designated as a Student of the Year award. There are three of these scholarships and the award amount is set at $500. These awards are handled by nomination by professors teaching courses in the Scandinavian program. If you would like to be nominated for such an award, let your professor know. Eligible students:

  • Must have taken at least one class in the Scandinavian program to be nominated.
  • Have completed a short report on how the study of Scandinavia has enriched their life.

Professors and instructors will determine eligibility through an internal nomination process by considering factors such as performance in the course(s), academic and personal investment in Scandinavia, potential future involvement with Scandinavia, etc.

Nominations will be collected in March (nominations can and should take place throughout fall semester as well) and awardees announced in April. A small banquet in which the awards are presented will take place at the end of winter semester.